Apr 8th

But Rocky bites the dust.
20 Miles out in good time, Kev had a hurty knee that worried us a little but then he stopped his whining and got on with it.
We stopped at Tootsies for the obligatory Cherry Pie (not a euphemism) and headed back to town.

All was going well until Mr Wind got his blowy hat on. It wasn’t too bad but it took the fun out of it a little.
Then, Quelle Surprise, we met up with Stan on top of Silver on the way back.

Then, noticeably Rocky pulled up lame and started to complain about hurty knees, broken wheels and poorly cogs.

Rocky Bites The Dust

We fed her carrots and sugar cubes and nursed her back to Formby where we announced she was dead and fit for the glue factory. However, Mrs Challoner has other plans and Lazarus-like we expect Rocky to be released from bicycle hospital on Thursday. Until then, Kev is going to have to borrow a bike for training where err he can.
Overall a fun, sunny day with a good average mph and a nice bacon buttie. All is well in the world.

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