Apr 2nd

The Stats

Ross and I set off on a windy, rain threatened morning to get 40 miles under our belt. Kev sent me a text saying it was raining so he’d see me Monday (more on that later). Our first 21 miles was an absolute doddle due to the tail wind. We got out in a very respectable (for me anyway) 1 hour 23 minutes with an average speed of 15.9 mph.
So we settled into Tootsies iced cream parlour for bacon butties, hot sweet tea and copious cans of coke.

Then the trip back and the wind showed its ugly side. Speed was down to 10 mph and it was a bloody hard 20 miles back i have to tell ya.

Speed out, grind back

Still, we did it. Kev text saying i misunderstood his text and he was ready to come along with us. You decide what this means………
“See you Monday morning, bit wet today do you think?”
Turns out it means that if i text and beg him to come he will :-) but that’s not the way i roll.

Anyway, same again Monday morning as I have to up the speeds, distances and down the calories and weight.

Oh yeah, Almost made it to my 1stone lost since starting this little set of training. Bloody hard going I have to say but I definitely feel better and am riding a lot smoother and faster.

Bring it on Coast 2 Coast

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