Mar 30th

So after weeks of trying to work out why Stan seems quicker than me I decided that it must be the tires. I know his wheels are bigger and that will be a contributing factor but still, slicks vs big chunky mountain bike tires…… i guess i know which ones roll faster.

So I decided to carry out an experiment.



Them big chunkies must be slowing me down so i went and got some new skinny ones

Skinny Tires

Time to the plough roundabout usually takes about 50 minutes with average speed of 12.9 mph. I did it today on new tires in 41 minutes with an average speed of 16 mph.

Huzzar, case proven I hear you yell. Unfortunately not. From the point of turning around until i got home my average mph was down to 10.2 which would indicate a very very strong headwind riding home and as such, a strong tailwind on the way out. So at this moment in time, the case for new tires is unproven.

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