Mar 29th

OK, OK, So I added the funeral bit. It doesnt work without it.
22 Miles super fast. That was what was called for yet not quite what we got. Speed was ok out along the coast road but ultimately i found a nice little bramble thorn and we were called to a halt.

Once we’d sat about waiting for the vulcanization process to work its little wonders we pumped it up and it went Pop after about 50 yards.

Now here is where the story starts to get spooky. We messed around wondering if it was worth repairing the puncture and the heavens opened. I mean teemed down. Now my oppo Stan has been carrying a spare inner tube for about 10 weeks now so i suggested using that. Turns out that Stan has been carrying a spare inner tube for some one elses bike as it wouldnt have fit his…..but guess what. It fitted mine perfect.

So he was a life saver and we were off again, this time heading for home as the driving rain made the whole bloody event quite miserable.


We're riding in the rain, Just riding in the rain

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