Mar 20th

Well, what a day yesterday was. Busy little bee’s we were, cleaning and scrubbing the caravan in Yorkshire. Happy as pigs in shit we were.
Then the wicked witch of the broken ladder appeared. I was on the top half of a folding ladder that had been fully extended to reach the roof. Scrubbing away and noticed a wobble, thought little of it then noticed I was in mid air and hurtling towards the ground.

One piece of ladder fell and missed the caravan, the other piece fell and missed the car and somehow i fell and managed to hit the ground.
Luckily, due to my cat like reflexes i managed to roll over and land on my back. I say luckily. Not really. Luckily would be finishing the van then hitting the pub, not half finishing the van then hitting the ground.

Bruises and soreness abound today so no Help4Heroes training for me. Just a little R&R.

Oh, and it’s my wife’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Jane x x x x x x

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