Feb 19th

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday comes around too slowly when you are working and in the middle of the week it seems an age away. Suddenly it’s early o’clock and the texts start coming…… “I dont care if its cold or wet, we’re out!” – Stan

“I have a puncture (and it’s cold and wet)” – Kev

“I’m on my way” – Ross

Ross’s first training session with the lads. He’s been worried but didnt need to be. He is also way ahead as far as training is concerned so he gets a training pass till late April i reckon ;-)

The wind played reversio today. Heading out of Southport toward the old sand factory was a bit tough. Way down to 9mph heading into the wind which was bloody hard work. Still, we all arrived at the plough (minus Kev).

The ride back wasnt too tough as we had the wind behind us. The only minor incident was when Stan decided my physical presence was no longer needed and knocked me off. He has form for this and is now 2 for 2! We gotta wach him

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