Mar 17th

But the pounds arent falling off. Still, after all of the training i’ve done recently i am actually down by 1/2 stone which is better than nothing for sure.
I guess its more a case of getting fit enough to get fit. I need to push harder and shorten the times and not just be happy with miles covered, more about the workout to cover the miles.

Anyway, Stan and i went out again this afternoon. Knocked out a quick 22 miles – Jeeze louise, 6 weeks ago i couldnt have done 22 miles and now i am calling them “quick 22″ miles. ROFL. Progress is being made mentally if not physically.

More tomorrow according to Stan but i will believe that when the text comes through………and then i can start to panic. 22 Miles for 3 days is saddle sore and quads sore but i guess needs must.

Help for Heroes you’ve got some things to answer for. Lol, anyways, its foar a great cause and we are over £1,300 raised so far.

Come on chaps, rattle those tins

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