Mar 16th

For those that know me – Wednesday is pub innit. But before i can go along for that jolly little beer up i had to put some more miles on the clock,
22 was done today but only because i had to get back in time for conference calls. I couldnt leave early as the bike had a puncture and then i had to book flights and hotels for Krakow (Claires 50th) so it seemed all things conspired to stop me heading out to the big 30-40 miler i had planned.

Tomorrow is pretty much the same. Kid to the dr’s and then calls starting early. I hope to get another 22 miles done and this time i may push to set some kind of time record (pb). If i am going well i will push it out and cover the route me and Stan did at the weekend….but it wasnt fun.

Anyway, I am off to the pub for a few with the lads and the quiz. No Kev (can’t be arsed), No Dave (in work at 6am) and no Stan (in da smoke) means I am out with the young ‘uns……which is nice
Hasta Wedneday

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