Mar 13th

OMFG. I have no words. Off we went for a simple 22 mile “warm down” after yesterday’s 30 miler. Adding insult to injury was the fact that i was on the lash in a monumental way last night and didnt get in till 2am, well and truly bladdered. In came the text, bike ride tomorrow am, nice ‘n easy 22 miles. All was well in the world.

Stan, decided that he felt fresh, and to be honest so did i so we pushed on to 15 miles. All good and dandy. Then, he said, lets explore our route back and go find another way. Sounded cool and fun but it just ended up being a bit of a hell trek through backwater villages and towns and along canal paths covered in slippery mud. Like riding through treacle.

We met a cool Navvy on the way though and took the chance to kick back and hang with him a while.

By the end i was knackered. Overall it was a great ride, helped me get over my hangover, helped me get over my aching knees and Achilles tendon. I just wish Stan had slipped into the canal like he seemed to be threatening to do with every turn of his wheel in the sticky, slippy, gloppy mess that was the canal tow path today.

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