Mar 12th

Well it all started out so well. Stan and Kev arrived at my house 7:50am ready for the off and the banter was flowing from the second i opened the door.
But, that’s what we like. The ride out to the plough was actually quite nice today with the wind only gently blowing into us as we went along the coast road.

So we hit the plough in good time and Kev had to shoot off to go shopping. Lame excuse but he turned up and put out so good on him. He does 24 miles for the day.

Stan and I pushed on to the 15 mile maker and had a little sit.








On the way back the wind picked up and it was pretty much, head down and grind it out. Not a lot of fun, but another 30 miles on to the training sheet and overall a satisfying effort.

Stats and figures tell their own story, and here’s ours……..

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