Mar 5th

Ha Ha, some biker joke that is. I am shattered.

30 miles on Wednesday, 22 on Friday and 22 on Saturday. Its just nonsense. Stan and Kev were up and at em early this morning but soon as we got the plough it was brakes on and no further. I thought we were doing 30 but 22 it was as Kev mutinied. And boy am i glad he did. I would have done it, no problems but i am glad i didnt have to.

Coming back along the coast road my legs were empty, my heart was heavy and my head was full of negativity. And then Stan got all hyper and bombed off like Lance Armstrong himself. Silly old sod will end himself that way.

Anyway, on the fundraising front, we’ve done well. when i say we i mean me really. The others are yet to get started and i am almost at my £500 (donated) target. If you include the giftaid i am already past that target but i am going on purely donated so far.

Many many thanks to all that have donated. It’s very much appreciated and helping keep me on track with training.

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