Feb 21st

So this morning Jane was weighed after she finished her 4 day Detox and bugger me sideways with a plastic pineapple, she’s only gone and lost 11lb’s

How fantastic is that. She’s lost :-

  • 7.5 cm off her waist
  • 4 cm off her boobs (On a personal note I’m not overly impressed by that……..)
  • 3cm off her biceps
  • AND 11 Pounds


So you should all send her big high 5′s as she goes off for a jolly girls weekend leaving me and Ross to slog our guts out for another 2 1/3 days (but who’s counting).



It was funny watching John try to herd me away from the scales. The temptation to jump on and see what I’ve lost so far was almost overwhelming but I played it down and had a little weep to myself whilst he was congratulating Jane. I dont think he noticed :-(

Another day of Juices ahead. I feel fine. I think I have some energy. I may even need a Candy Crush dump soon. It’s small victories like this that make it worthwhile.

They’re already plotting my continuation diet after this detox which feels a little premature if I’m honest. I guess I’m up for that if it includes coffee and the odd Custard Cream biscuit (they’re my one weakness)!!

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