Feb 20th

Jane’s last day today. She has been absolutely ACE. She set out to do the 3 day detox to support me but she’s volunteered for the 4th day – I don’t know how she does it but she just cracks on as if we’re not doing a juice diet. She’s my hero. And she tells me my belly’s gone flatter. I have an AB ladies and gentlemen. A whole fuckin AB. My belly is like a washboard.

reality_big_brother_darryns_abs_2 reality_big_brother_darryns_abs


So today I am almost apoplectic. John has gone overboard and added colouring (and i do hope flavouring) to some of the detox potions. Day 4 sees the arrive of Mr Purple. It looks like red win to me, which as you all know is my one weakness. So I am gonna gorge myself mid morning.


So as today is Jane’s last day I wanna say a big big THANK YOU for all your help Jane. I really really could not have done it without you. Actually, to be fair, I wouldn’t have started it without you volunteering me. Hmmmmmm

So far I am knackered with hangover feeling. I guess that’s like a ghost hangover as Wednesday is my usual night of debauchery so my body may be compensating. No becks have past these lips since Saturday. So maybe day 4 is a coffee hangover day. Surely to Jesus there cant be many more toxins left in this finely tuned machine. I mean, I did a bike ride of death for fucks sake. Today, walk or die.

More detox bore later

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