Feb 18th

How many cups of boiled water does it take to make you think you’ve had a coffee? Just over a million I reckon.

There are many benefits of the Detox Juice diet but chief amongst them must be to help remind you what your pecker is for.


So far this morning I’m not feeling too bad. I’ve had my breakfast bowl of green. Tasted of kiwi fruit if I am honest. And grass and twigs. Not too bad.

Dreading the mid morning one. It’s yellowish and really hard to eat. Gonna water it down big time and turn it into a drink and do my own NekNomination.

Strange morning. Did the PT session 8-9 with John in the gym. Low energy so I think he went easy on us…..which he needed too. But I’m not starving. Thought I would be this morning but not too bad to be honest. Saying that, I did have to go to bed about 9 last night coz I was gonna eat the entire fridge. Serious cravings last night.


Apparently day 2 is a bad one for headaches and sugar cravings so I’m just planning on getting through today.

Oh, my “before” picture got developed fat computer guy

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