Feb 17th

Well that was tougher than i thought it would be. I’ve had the headaches I was told to expect from caffeine withdrawal. Every advert on TV is for food and I am friggin’ starvin’.

John’s been good. He’s offering support in his own way with motivational texts…….”37 1/2 hours before you stop feeling shite” :-)

Every single waking moment seems to be related to food now that I can’t just snap off a block of cheese, play catch with some rolled up ham or just open crisps and biscuits whenever i want.

But (and it’s a big but) DAY 1 DONE. No cheating. A short walk with Ross’s dog (shit weather and all that). PT session done. Feel like absolute crap so I am in bed at 8pm watching soaps with chocolate adverts in each break. Seems to be the best way to get through this bit of the day……what i used to call the red wine and savory snack part. I remember when i quit smoking I had to avoid places where i smoked most……typically the pub. Now I have to avoid my own fucking kitchen!!!!!! :-(

Doing it as a team has helped. Ross told me that I can do this, “oh and by the way (and dont take this the wrong way Gav)…….. your breath stinks of shit”. Everything i am eating is green and he wouldn’t even let me have a mint. Good lad :-)

Day 2 tomorrow. I’m hoping John makes the detox juice taste marginally better and adds subtle flavours like Vanilla and coconut instead of trying to use ginger and fennel or some other green root vegetable to mask the flavour of, what is basically a cows dinner. Cows are fat too you know!!!!!!!

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