Feb 17th

Holy Crap.

That last juice, the one that looks like Korma……tastes like someone already ate it. I mean, not good. Sure it may be full of anti-oxidants and detoxifiers to remove all my monounsaturates or something ‘n nothing but why did it have to taste like crap. I was 2/3rds of the way through before i even worked out that there is carrot in it. #FFS Why don’t anti-oxidents taste like chocolate……

Speaking of which. I have had a minor epiphany. Every time I walked into the kitchen to make one of approx 12 coffees per day I must’ve eaten something. I have found myself looking in the biscuit tin, at the Blue Ribband’s and Rocky Robins (they’re my one weakness). I’ve also patrolled the fridge a few times today. Mostly for cheese or ham. None of which I have touched but I don’t think I actually realized I was grazing as much.


I don’t even like chocolate per se.

Anyway, half way through day 1 and I’ve worked out you have to busy. I’ve replaced 2 meals with 2 juices and I am fucking starving #fact but I think this is mostly because I’ve sat around watching telly and having an easy day. Based on the way the first 2 juices tasted I am not looking forward to the next 2.

Total weight loss so far today = I have no idea. John’s robbed my scales so I don’t weigh myself.

More ramblings and hunger related mania to come after the next 2 juices.

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