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May 16th

Well that was a hoot. Pete invited me to Leicester to walk the 35 miles loop called the Ivanhoe Way.

We set out at 6:30am and finished a while later at 7:45pm. A wee while into the hike I started to feel sore footed. Early onset blisters. After 20 miles these were well formed and starting
to cause issues, then they popped and all hell broke loose. The final 15 miles were just not fun at all and in the end I had to gut it out and complete the loop.

Left foot blisters












May 10th

A Bit Of A Blow

All this training malarky and today ends up being the toughest we’ve had to face.
A simple 30 miler started of easy enough, which was bad as it meant we had the wind
behind us. But then something happened. The little breeze we had behind us turned
into a gale force blow. Average speeds of 18-20 mph heading out were countered with
average speeds of 6-9mph on the way back. Totally gutted and just had to screw the nut
and keep the pedals turning. Not long before the big push though so we gotta keep
knocking these little trips out and then the actual trip C2C will be easy enough. Fingers crossed!

Apr 26th

Kev, Hev, Cathy, Lee, Jane, Me, Chris, Debbie, Mick, Viv
We all climbed Ben Nevis for my 40th birthday. Obviously some kind of midlife crisis on my part :o)

Bern Nevis 2009

Apr 26th

Jane, Me, Chris & Debbie climbed Mt. Snowdon on my 41st birthday……why, because it’s there I guess

Gav, Chris & Debbie on the summit of Mt Snowdon

Apr 26th

Wednesday 20th April 2011. Jane and I set out to add the 3rd of the 3 National Peaks.
A swelteringly hot day but absolutely brilliant as far as vistas. No clouds whatsoever and clear views.

Jane on the Summit of Scafell Pike

Apr 12th

Well that was a beasty 43 solo miles. I was ok going out (as ever) and the wind pushing me along nicely.
I made it to Tootsies on good time and have a bacon bap with tea and diet coke.

The electrolyte drink the bike shop gave me to try was nasty but seemed to do the trick. Not sure if it’s Psychosomatic but it made me feel good if a little pukey.
The stats arent great but each 40+ ride counts in the saddle ready for our coast2coast episode.

Mar 20th

Well, what a day yesterday was. Busy little bee’s we were, cleaning and scrubbing the caravan in Yorkshire. Happy as pigs in shit we were.
Then the wicked witch of the broken ladder appeared. I was on the top half of a folding ladder that had been fully extended to reach the roof. Scrubbing away and noticed a wobble, thought little of it then noticed I was in mid air and hurtling towards the ground.

One piece of ladder fell and missed the caravan, the other piece fell and missed the car and somehow i fell and managed to hit the ground.
Luckily, due to my cat like reflexes i managed to roll over and land on my back. I say luckily. Not really. Luckily would be finishing the van then hitting the pub, not half finishing the van then hitting the ground.

Bruises and soreness abound today so no Help4Heroes training for me. Just a little R&R.

Oh, and it’s my wife’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Jane x x x x x x

Mar 15th

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Mar 15th

looks like we’re climbing up a sunshine mountain in 2 weeks. I do hope all this bike training helps me walking up England’s highest peak (again).

Mar 13th

OMFG. I have no words. Off we went for a simple 22 mile “warm down” after yesterday’s 30 miler. Adding insult to injury was the fact that i was on the lash in a monumental way last night and didnt get in till 2am, well and truly bladdered. In came the text, bike ride tomorrow am, nice ‘n easy 22 miles. All was well in the world.

Stan, decided that he felt fresh, and to be honest so did i so we pushed on to 15 miles. All good and dandy. Then, he said, lets explore our route back and go find another way. Sounded cool and fun but it just ended up being a bit of a hell trek through backwater villages and towns and along canal paths covered in slippery mud. Like riding through treacle.

We met a cool Navvy on the way though and took the chance to kick back and hang with him a while.

By the end i was knackered. Overall it was a great ride, helped me get over my hangover, helped me get over my aching knees and Achilles tendon. I just wish Stan had slipped into the canal like he seemed to be threatening to do with every turn of his wheel in the sticky, slippy, gloppy mess that was the canal tow path today.