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Mar 11th

After successfully screwing up my site, to the point where access was totally limted, I have to say a big thanks to my site host.

I haven’t had such a fast response to a support call ever – and the response was “hey, no problem, i’ve fixed it for you”. Great Job
If you’re thinking of moving to a hosted solution, you could do much worse than these – I know, I’ve moved from a few to this company and so far havent had any issues at all with their service or support.

Thanks in this instance to :-

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: NVQ-645396
Department: Linux Hosting
Priority: Medium

Mar 11th

Simple rule of life i guess but i started playing about with wordpress settings and ended up moving my whole site into the domain root. Not in itself a huge issue but all my links to media were via the non root path, ie /gavblog/xxx and as i had moved it /gavblog ceased to exist therefore the route to media and images was goosed.

Ho hum, we live and learn.

Feb 24th

waiting for my chic who’s stuck in a shop with the tills down, mid purchase so she won’t tell them to stuff it and walk out. Personally I’d rant and wander

Feb 21st

Oh what a hoot