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May 10th

A Bit Of A Blow

All this training malarky and today ends up being the toughest we’ve had to face.
A simple 30 miler started of easy enough, which was bad as it meant we had the wind
behind us. But then something happened. The little breeze we had behind us turned
into a gale force blow. Average speeds of 18-20 mph heading out were countered with
average speeds of 6-9mph on the way back. Totally gutted and just had to screw the nut
and keep the pedals turning. Not long before the big push though so we gotta keep
knocking these little trips out and then the actual trip C2C will be easy enough. Fingers crossed!

Apr 16th

A little change to the route today. Boredom has set in with the wind blowing in my face as we troll along the sea wall over and over. I like the ride, the route is ok and its nearly all cycle path with makes it very easy to just switch off and forget the traffic……but bloody hell when the wind blows in your face for 8 miles straight it gets old real quick.
So, I thought, bollux. I’ll take a little detour. Didn’t help at all to be honest. Loads of cars and frigging traffic lights and it was still heading into the wind.

Apr 8th

But Rocky bites the dust.
20 Miles out in good time, Kev had a hurty knee that worried us a little but then he stopped his whining and got on with it.
We stopped at Tootsies for the obligatory Cherry Pie (not a euphemism) and headed back to town.

All was going well until Mr Wind got his blowy hat on. It wasn’t too bad but it took the fun out of it a little.
Then, Quelle Surprise, we met up with Stan on top of Silver on the way back.

Then, noticeably Rocky pulled up lame and started to complain about hurty knees, broken wheels and poorly cogs.

Rocky Bites The Dust

We fed her carrots and sugar cubes and nursed her back to Formby where we announced she was dead and fit for the glue factory. However, Mrs Challoner has other plans and Lazarus-like we expect Rocky to be released from bicycle hospital on Thursday. Until then, Kev is going to have to borrow a bike for training where err he can.
Overall a fun, sunny day with a good average mph and a nice bacon buttie. All is well in the world.

Apr 2nd

The Stats

Ross and I set off on a windy, rain threatened morning to get 40 miles under our belt. Kev sent me a text saying it was raining so he’d see me Monday (more on that later). Our first 21 miles was an absolute doddle due to the tail wind. We got out in a very respectable (for me anyway) 1 hour 23 minutes with an average speed of 15.9 mph.
So we settled into Tootsies iced cream parlour for bacon butties, hot sweet tea and copious cans of coke.

Then the trip back and the wind showed its ugly side. Speed was down to 10 mph and it was a bloody hard 20 miles back i have to tell ya.

Speed out, grind back

Still, we did it. Kev text saying i misunderstood his text and he was ready to come along with us. You decide what this means………
“See you Monday morning, bit wet today do you think?”
Turns out it means that if i text and beg him to come he will :-) but that’s not the way i roll.

Anyway, same again Monday morning as I have to up the speeds, distances and down the calories and weight.

Oh yeah, Almost made it to my 1stone lost since starting this little set of training. Bloody hard going I have to say but I definitely feel better and am riding a lot smoother and faster.

Bring it on Coast 2 Coast

Mar 30th

So after weeks of trying to work out why Stan seems quicker than me I decided that it must be the tires. I know his wheels are bigger and that will be a contributing factor but still, slicks vs big chunky mountain bike tires…… i guess i know which ones roll faster.

So I decided to carry out an experiment.



Them big chunkies must be slowing me down so i went and got some new skinny ones

Skinny Tires

Time to the plough roundabout usually takes about 50 minutes with average speed of 12.9 mph. I did it today on new tires in 41 minutes with an average speed of 16 mph.

Huzzar, case proven I hear you yell. Unfortunately not. From the point of turning around until i got home my average mph was down to 10.2 which would indicate a very very strong headwind riding home and as such, a strong tailwind on the way out. So at this moment in time, the case for new tires is unproven.

Mar 29th

OK, OK, So I added the funeral bit. It doesnt work without it.
22 Miles super fast. That was what was called for yet not quite what we got. Speed was ok out along the coast road but ultimately i found a nice little bramble thorn and we were called to a halt.

Once we’d sat about waiting for the vulcanization process to work its little wonders we pumped it up and it went Pop after about 50 yards.

Now here is where the story starts to get spooky. We messed around wondering if it was worth repairing the puncture and the heavens opened. I mean teemed down. Now my oppo Stan has been carrying a spare inner tube for about 10 weeks now so i suggested using that. Turns out that Stan has been carrying a spare inner tube for some one elses bike as it wouldnt have fit his…..but guess what. It fitted mine perfect.

So he was a life saver and we were off again, this time heading for home as the driving rain made the whole bloody event quite miserable.


We're riding in the rain, Just riding in the rain

Mar 28th

Well, I am guessing the lager we drank over the weekend as well as the 4 days off training has really done me some good. Sounds strange but it must be true.
We just went balls out along the standard 22 mile circuit and cut our time by 9 minutes. Now over 22 miles that is a hell of a drop so I am absolutely buzzing with my self tonight. Probably going to pay big time tomorrow but right now it’s a little dinner and a pint or two ;-)

A New Personal Best

Mar 21st

So, Stan was full of vim, vigor and horse shit today, although to be fair it wasn’t all his fault. We’d taken a long weekend off training to recharge our batteries and spend some weekend time with family etc. All lovely and fun.

Training Monday morning set out as normal. 22 or 30 miles the target. The weather was nice and the wind not too blowy so we decided to push on the circuit for 33 miles but as we got to the junction Stan – or dickhead as he shall now be called – said “let’s go to Preston and back. And so off we went to Preston.

Fortunately I am not as green as I am cabbage looking and just on the 20 miles roundabout (within 5 miles of Preston) there is a lovely little cafe/ice cream parlor. So we stopped for a skinny Latte and Fat Dickhead Stan had a big slice of cherry pie. Did him good on the journey back mind coz he was zooming along on a massive sugar rush.

So 40 miles done. 3 1/2 hours with an average speed of 11.53 mph. Not bad at all.

Stan and his Cherry Pie

Scout & Silver

Mar 17th

But the pounds arent falling off. Still, after all of the training i’ve done recently i am actually down by 1/2 stone which is better than nothing for sure.
I guess its more a case of getting fit enough to get fit. I need to push harder and shorten the times and not just be happy with miles covered, more about the workout to cover the miles.

Anyway, Stan and i went out again this afternoon. Knocked out a quick 22 miles – Jeeze louise, 6 weeks ago i couldnt have done 22 miles and now i am calling them “quick 22″ miles. ROFL. Progress is being made mentally if not physically.

More tomorrow according to Stan but i will believe that when the text comes through………and then i can start to panic. 22 Miles for 3 days is saddle sore and quads sore but i guess needs must.

Help for Heroes you’ve got some things to answer for. Lol, anyways, its foar a great cause and we are over £1,300 raised so far.

Come on chaps, rattle those tins

Mar 15th

Ross gets under way and immediately leapfrogs Stan into 3rd place. Kev is in lastly lastington and Stan is in fourth “it’s not a marathon” place.